Role of the Fire Warden

Most workplaces will have an Assembly Point for people to go to in the event of a fire. All visitors and staff must go to the assembly point and make themselves known to the Fire Warden and must stay there until told to do otherwise. This eliminates any confusion as to who may still be in the building – which can result in unnecessary search and rescue operations which endanger the lives of Fire Fighters .

Fire Wardens have an important role to play in the event of an emergency:

  • Check their designated areas and rooms
  • Inform people they must leave and go to the Assembly Point, if individuals will not evacuate inform the emergency services, do not put themselves in danger by wasting time trying to persuade uncooperative occupants.
  • Have emergency plans in place for the aid of disabled people and assist with evacuation
  • In any premises and hotels in particular, visitors may not know the layout or speak English so be prepared to assist these visitors
  • Use a list to check all occupants are accounted for at the Assembly Point
  • Inform the Emergency Services of any one not accounted for or who refused to leave the building

Other General Duties

  • Check that Fire Exits are clear from obstruction
  • Check that Fire exit doors are not locked
  • Check that Fire Doors are closed


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